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Restoration Spa

Organic Facial and Body Treatments

At Restoration Spa we honor the beauty within by offering some of the

finest facial and massage therapy treatments. Using pure essential oils and organic therapies


The Story of Restoration Spa

 We are certified beauty industry professionals who founded Restoration Spa with one goal in mind: the well-being of our clients. We believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look, and our variety of services is suitable for every need. We offer affordable, safe and painless treatments for people of all ages. Our team is both state-licensed and internationally certified, and we only use industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies. It will be our pleasure to meet — get in touch today!

Our Services

Providing industry-leading, revolutionary beauty treatments with the latest technology combined with our  organic and aromatic philosophy, Restoration Spa  will exceed your expectations. Once we determine what service is right for you, the treatment is completely personalized to fit your unique needs and ensure the best possible results.

  • Meaningful Massage Therapy

    1 hr
    98 US dollars
  • Treatment for a variety of skin types

    45 min
    125 US dollars
  • Custom crafted in the European tradition

    1 hr
    110 US dollars
  • Focused on Spot removal and evening skin tone

    1 hr 15 min
    145 US dollars
  • Achieve optimum results

    1 hr 15 min
    185 US dollars
  • Get your glow on with this oxygenating and lifting facial

    1 hr 15 min
    185 US dollars
  • For serious issues such as scar revision, pigmentation & tightening

    1 hr 15 min
    199 US dollars
  • A focused lifting treatment.

    45 min
    125 US dollars
  • Finish Your Look

    30 min
  • Gentle waxing of lip, chin and / or cheeks

    30 min
  • A relaxing treatment that can be done alone or with any other service

    30 min
    55 US dollars

Contact Us

235 N. Duke Street

Lancaster, PA 17602

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"Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest"

Wolfgang von Goethe

©2019 by Restoration Spa

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